You have read about our Ghostware level system but don’t have time to wait 90 days to get upgraded to level 2? You want to get instant access to our most exclusive cheats like Valorant and CSGO with league anti cheat support? Then an instant upgrade from level 1 to level 2 might be the right option for you. Please find more information about our instant upgrade process below:

GHOST level 1

All new Ghostware users start with level 1

All newly registered Ghostware users start with level 1 and receives basic shop access. However, some of our supported games are only available to level 2 or level 3 users due to security reasons.



You can apply for an instant level 2 upgrade through one of our main admins on Discord. To ensure you are a legitimate user we will ask for:

⮞ Profile links of previous cheat providers
⮞ Your current job and country of residence
⮞ A picture of your ID (you can blur the address)

If we find you trustworthy enough to be upgraded you will have to pay a fee of 150 USD to finish the instant upgrade process and receive access to all level 2 products (e.g. Valorant).

GHOST level 2

After the upgrade you'll be a level 2 user

As upgraded level 2 user on Ghostware you received advanced shop access and therefore the possibility to purchase our cheats like Valorant or CSGO with league anti cheat support.


Interested in our instant upgrade?

If you want to start the upgrade process then simply open a ticket on our Discord server and let us know. Receive advanced shop access today!


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