GHOSTWARE Application form

In order to purchase our products you will need to fill out this application form in all honesty. The admin team usually takes about up to 72 hours to check an application. If you don't hear anything from us within a week it means you got denied. If you got accepted you will either get a message from our GHOST/SUPPORT#0727 Discord account or you will receive an email. It's therefore mandatory to join the Discord server linked at the bottom of the application mask and enter a valid email address of yours. If you got rejected you can apply again after 30 days. If you pass you will get access to our GHOSTWARE shop.

Sending in multiple applications within a 30 days period will get you banned and you won't ever get the chance to pass again. Please wait patiently after you submitted your application until you get further notice.

Once you passed you will have to purchase a product in our shop within 24 hours. If you wait too long your passed status will get removed and you will have to apply again after 30 days. That means, if you apply, be ready to buy. We do this to avoid having inactive lurkers within our community.

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Password must be at least 7 characters long.

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