GHOST wallet system explained

GHOSTWARE offers customers a special wallet system to achieve credits on our website, which you can then use to buy new subs. You can earn credits for your GHOSTWARE wallet in several ways. Being a loyal member, creating marketing content (such as product videos etc.) or by recommending new users to join GHOSTWARE. Please find more information below on how to achieve credits for your GHOST wallet.

GHOST credits

Credits can be earned in different ways and will be credited to your GHOST wallet through the admin team. One GHOST credit corresponds as one Dollar. There is no maximum limit of GHOSTWARE credits you can earn. GHOST credits can only be used on our website, can’t be paid out somewhere else and can’t be converted into cash.

1 GHOST credit = 1$

Please be aware: The GHOSTWARE admin team reserves the right to revoke credits from your GHOST wallet at any time if you fall in digrace (breaking rules, leaking, chargebacks, showing rude behaviour, sharing confidential info, etc.)

You can find an overview about your current credits in your GHOST wallet right here.

Forum Review
β˜… 1 credit β˜…

Creating a positive post/review on a forum GHOSTWARE advertises on will get you 1 credit added to your GHOST wallet.

Review needs to be detailed, positive and proffesional. Message the GHOSTWARE admin team to get more info about where to post.

Youtube Review Video
β˜… 10 credits β˜…

Creating a positive product review video on Youtube about GHOSTWARE will get you 10 credits added to your GHOST wallet.

The video requires to have some basic quality/editing at least and needs to be at least 3 minutes long, showing the product in action.

Refer a friend
β˜… 15 credits β˜…

If you recommend a friend to GHOSTWARE and he uses your discord name in his order note and then buys a product worth more than 15$ on our website, you will be granted 15 credits to your GHOST wallet.

These credits will only be granted if your friend bought a subscription on our website which is worth more than 15$.

Stay subbed 12+ months
β˜… 50 credits β˜…

Being loyal to GHOSTWARE pays out. If you stay subbed for 12+ months (doesn’t count for lifetime subs) in a row on one or more of our games/clients you will be granted 50 credits to your GHOST wallet.

These credits will only be granted if you stayed subbed for 12+ months in a row without any breaks.

The game(s)/clients you stay subbed on don’t matter. Multiple subs on different games/clients add up.

How to receive your credits

To receive your credits please message our admin team on Discord (your Discord invite can be found in your first purchase email). Show detailed evidence/proof of the action(s) you took to obtain GHOSTWARE credits. Please have your website username ready and the email address you used to register, before messaging an admin on Discord.

If the admin confirms your legitimate way of work to obtain mentioned credits, then these will be added immediately to your GHOST wallet.

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